Saturday, December 22, 2007

OK- So, apparently-

-the morning before his five goal game, Marian Gaborik watched a YouTube clip of Pavel Bure's five goal performance against Finland in the 1998 Olympics.

From the article:

In a coincidence nearly as unbelievable as his record-setting performance, which was the first time a Wild player scored more than three times, Gaborik spent a few minutes in the morning watching online clips of Pavel Bure's five-goal game for Russia against Finland in the semifinals of the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

"My buddies sent me a YouTube video," Gaborik said, smiling.

It looks to me like 1988 predates the era of fantastic Finnish goaltenders, but just in case there's any good luck left in it, here the clip he watched:

If something good happens to you today after watching that, drop us a line. And if Gaborik can watch a video of a guy scoring five goals in a game then go out and do it, my guess is the next Youtube clip he'll be mimicking is this one:

Matter of time.

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