Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christ, Jesus the Bruins suck.

These guys are killing me.

I mean, really- they are fucking killing me.

I had a group of people over at my apartment tonight, and we all watched the Patriots secure an undefeated season.

When I was home for Christmas, I watched the premiere of the NESN special of the Red Sox Championship.

A few nights ago, I was up late and watched the Celtics dominate the Seattle Supersonics. Do you know what a supersonic is? I don't. Fuck it, it doesn't matter, the Celtics are great these days.

I'm watching the game on DVR right now, and the Bruins are down 5-0.


Really? You're going to lose 6 in a row?

I mean, how hard would it be for the Bruins to not totally suck?

Would that be tough?


This sucks.

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andrew said...

I guess the bruins are the price boston pays for having the patriots, red sox and celtics completely dominate their respective leagues. I feel so bad for you, it must be so tough. I guess you could go to somewhere like cleveland where the words championship and calibre havent been used in the same sentence for a couple generations?