Thursday, November 15, 2007

Attention: Darcy Tucker

You might want to make note of this in preparation for the next time you play the Rangers. Should make for an interesting warmup before the game.


Eric said...

Another anti-Avery post after the Devils lose to the Rangers. Boo hoo.

Sure were a lot of Devil fans dressed as empty seats at the Rock.

WD to Evers to Chance said...

I think they might want to consider dropping the price of tickets at the Rock. I mean, it's a great stadium with sweet concessions, but it's still IN NEWARK. You have to get people (especially Manhattanites) used to the idea of taking the PATH train to the game before you can charge regular prices for the tickets. So they Devils should do what they need to get some butts in the seats for this season and next, and THEN worry about getting $100 a pop for people to sit right on the glass.

But that's just me.

Ritch said...

Wait- who exactly is pissed off that there are tickets available to Devils games?

It's a beautiful place to watch a game with a shoo in hall of fame goalie, and you can stretch out!

Lets not wreck a good thing, people.

Also, Eric- Sean Avery was featured People magazine's sexiest men alive, for crying out loud. You can't expect us to leave that alone.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

In order

1, I would think VanderBeek. Also, during many of my other "back and forths" with Ben, he cited as the reason for low attendance the lack of Public transport to the Arena formerly known as the Meadowlands. Well that excuse doesn't work now. And the fact that the club isn't able to win with frequency is no enticement either. How's Karel Rachunek working out?

2. I can't wait to see the place.

3. Sean Avery--Bangs Elisha Cuthbert and Beats Up Darcy Tucker. Makes him a hero.

I think WD makes a good point about the ticket prices being not commensurate with the quality on the ice.

Ben said...

Gomez and Drury combined have only one more goal than Jay Pandolfo, and I'M the one boo-hooing? Rest assured that by the end of this season, order will be restored in the universe, and the Devils will return to shaming the they always have, and always will. Maybe they won't be featured in as many magazines published purely for hausfraus and dentists' waiting rooms, but I guess you pick your battles. Or in Avery's case, you run away from them.

Also, Eric, any time you want to do a guest post for AHF about how much you love watching the Rangers' underperforming offense get bailed out night after night by the heroics of their goaltender, you just let me know.

OK, so the Rangers where was I?

Oh yeah, the new arena.

Ease of transport is just one reason why the Devils weren't drawing in East Rutherford. The new arena takes care of that but, as WD says, it will take a while before people are comfortable traveling to Newark. Just ask Barry Melrose.

Also as WD says, ticket prices are a tad steep...they were bad at CAA, but managed to get worse. You'll note that the lower bowl seats ($100 and up) are the ones that are empty...the $10 seats sell out regularly, despite reports of how uncomfortable they are, and the other upper level seats get respectable attendance as well.

It's going to take time, no question. But until the Devils draw the same numbers as their cross-river rivals with the 56-year headstart, I'll be enjoying the extra leg room and the Cup celebrations.