Thursday, September 06, 2007

To pre, or not to pre

That is the question. After a long summer of no hockey, am I desperate enough to go see a pre-season game? Ritch and I went to one right after the lockout ended. It had been over a year since we had seen any hockey, the tickets were free, we had our pick of seats, and beer was available.

It was still JUST BARELY worth it.

But yesterday I got a Ticketmaster email about upcoming events at the Garden, and there, on Friday September 21st, is a pre-season matchup of the Devils and Rangers. And God help me, I considered it. After all, it's tough to resist the chance to be one of the first to hurl insults at Scott Gomez as he takes the ice in Ranger blue - and one of the few, I'm sure, to hurl insults unrelated to his ethnicity.

Pre-season hockey? Why not watch me dry instead?

That said, there are a few reasons not to go:

1) There is nothing more pointless than pre-season hockey.

2) Thanks to the emphasis on intra-divisional competition, I will have the chance to see the Rangers play the Devils approximately 37 times on an 82 game schedule.

3) This is not the Devils vs. the Rangers. This is a collection of wide-eyed 4th and 5th stringers who are as likely to be caught gazing in awe at Eddie Giacomin's jersey in the rafters as they are to score a goal.

4) There is NOTHING more pointless than pre-season hockey.

Is anybody out there going to a pre-season game? If so, I dare you to defend yourselves in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I am. First 'Canes pre-season game is free and I'm jonesing. And ready to be somewhere that is fucking cold for a change. I will not, however, attend the gay-ass Caniac Carnival before the game (I know you were wondering).

vh2k6 said...

there's nothing more pointless than pre-season hockey except for the other 3 major sports pre-season games and maybe Patrice Briesbois.

go for it.

Anonymous said...

I am going to go in the hopes that they let me play. I hear if you bring a full complement of equipment you get a shot at ice time...

Anonymous said...

I went to a Devils/Rangers preseason gme. Man was it dull. I left after the second intermission.

Anonymous said...

I am going because someone gave us free tix and we want them to think of us first when the real tix become available.

Anonymous said...

We went to a pre-season game tonight b/c the tickets are part of the season ticket package - so we're forced to get them. It was a little strange that there were scalpers outside of the Arena trying to sell pre-season hockey tickets - I don't think they had any takers.