Wednesday, December 13, 2006

AHF's "Buy me a Beer Challenge!"

A total failure.

I was at the Devils/Sabres game last night, and the only person who chose to participate in the buying me a beer challenge is the one writing this.

To be fair, though- we were pretty far up in the cheap seats, and attendance was, shall we say, light. I'll wait to see how Ben's pictures came out, but the entire lower bowl was terribly, embarrassingly empty.

UPDATE: Check it out:

They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Devils organization, and apparently felt that the best way to do so was to replicate the turnout from 1987.

Still, the Devils played a heck of a last 60 seconds, it's just a shame the crowd had to sit through the first 59. Buffalo didn't look great, but I'll tell you, when that Briere kid starts skating with the puck, things happen. Ultimately, two systems collided for 3 periods, and unsurprisingly, the Sabres were just a little bit better at taking advantage of their odd-man rushes.

Still, a bad night of NHL hockey still beats a good night of quite a few other activities, and I'm not quite ready to accept that the "Buy me a Beer Challenge" is an unworkable concept. After all, I still enjoy hockey, hockey fans still enjoy this blog, and I still enjoy beer.

Goddamnit, there's got to be a way we can make this work.

I'll be at the Bruins/Habs game on December 23rd.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ben said...

Damm, no one was at this game. Her ein Montreal Habs game has been sold out for the 75 consecutive game this week! (21 273 seats!) I cannot beleive this. Devils have a great team....

Heather said...

I'll also be at the Bos/Habs game on the 23rd. Pretty sure I will be working a 50/50 table.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

It might help if
1. You went to a place where people actually show up
2. You go to a place where beer is less than a 2nd mortgage