Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What did I tell you?

Check out the comments in the last few posts to see some pretty sweet comments from, what I'm guessing, are some Canadian internet trolls who were acting, honestly, like a bunch of dumb Americans.

My guess is somebody linked this site on a message board, and a whole bunch of Canadian idiots stopped by. Either way, one comment I made was that America didn't lose in these Olympics, and to prove it, to check out how Ryan Miller was received when he walked into Sidney Crosby's house for his first NHL appearance in Pittsburgh.

The Penguins fans, (who generally I hate like poison) showed true class, rising as one to thank Miller for his fantastic performance in the games. 
Kudos to the Penguins fans for just plain old doing things right.

So, to those commenters, (not like they are still around:)
Toldja so, you pricks.
Also, your bacon is ham.

And don't get all pissed off if this is your first time here. I've been on the record numerous times both on this blog and on much bigger, better hockey blogs about how much I love Canada, and Canadians. I will say this though- if you leave a hateful comment on a blog, and don't leave a name, you're a spineless turd.

Either way, Miller's reception on enemy ice was just another bit of evidence that this tournament, (particularly the two USA/Canada games) now rank among one of the biggest and most important wins for hockey in the post-lockout era, alongside the establishment of the Winter Classic, the double-hat-trick Ovie vs Sid game in the playoffs and game six of the Bruins-Canadiens in the 2008 playoffs.

Hockey in America is officially back.

Which all things considered, is kind of a moot point, right now.

Tonight's Bruins/Canadiens game was a goddamn bust.


Anonymous said...

Hockey in America is officially back? I thought it was always there, except for all that failed attendance in the NHL in the southern belt states.

Tell me how is it that Canada has only 6 Pro NHL teams, the Americans have 26 Pro teams. The rest of the leagues in the world have 15 to 30 teams in their league.

Canada has only 6 pro teams, and they make two/thirds of NHL revenue. Canadian hockey should pull out of the NHL, make our own league, and watch NHL hockey collapse in on itself as the revenue and money folds out.

Then American hockey will die.

American officials like Gary Bettman and USA hockey are taking advantage of Canadian hockey, by using our players to promote your league, using Canadian fan base money to invest 8 million dollars in USA hockey and bringing Pro teams down south but denying pro teams up north. Poor Basiles.

Frankly, Canadians are tired of being shit on, and I hope we fold from your shit league. USA hockey wants to increase American hockey by increasing 10% Americans into the league. You can have the Stanley Cup, we'll make our own league and laugh when the NHL dies.

Anonymous said...

The more years that pass as Canadian teams stop winning a Cup, the more questions Canadians will start asking why do we need the NHL. I can't wait when that starts to happen, we're already at the 80-90% point and what the Olympics did was revive out interest in our game.

Alec said...

wow- I think I just encountered the first Canadian person I can say that I truely don't like. You are a bitter, angry little man. It's time you realize something. You want a Canadian NHL only... it's called Junior Hockey!

You're telling me that if the NHL offers a $6M/yr contract to a good canadian hockey player that he's going to play in Winnepeg or some shit, for a fraction of the pay, just because pleaseing zamboni drivers like you makes his and your heart beat louder in your big canadian chest? Guess again.

all I can say is- simmer down syrup sucker. If you can't take pride in having 75% of the NHL players being from your country than nothing will ever make you happy. Have some ham and enjoy the playoffs.

Go Fuck yourself-


Anonymous said...

Yes I am angry, and so are many Candians up here, you fucking retard.

You're the nation with 26 teams you fucktard.

We're the nation that has to pay $150 bucks just for a decent game.

So fuck you, old, bald fucking reject.

You obviously are too retarded or dumb to even understand the situation and anger that's simmering up here.

So eat my shit and fuck you're blog.


Anonymous said...

And it's 52% Canadians, you semen sperm sceptical. Go blow up a country or get unemployed mother fucker.

I just read your full argument, and all I have to say. HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE ONE DUMB HOCKEY FAN!

Anonymous said...

"You want a Canadian NHL only... it's called Junior Hockey! "

This has to be the hockey quote of the century. This truly is the most fucking retarded thing I've EVER read an American fan write on the internet.

Good say sir, and fuck you. Go kill some babies in Iraq and blow off limbs you worthless sacks of patriotic shit.

Ritch said...


"Anonymous" wrote

"I just read your full argument, and all I have to say. HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE ONE DUMB HOCKEY FAN!"

Did you read the part where it said "I will say this though- if you leave a hateful comment on a blog, and don't leave a name, you're a spineless turd"?

Of course, you also wrote the phrase "semen sperm sceptical" as an insult, which is hilarious.

Semen and sperm mean the same thing, and if you told me you knew the meaning of the third, I'd be sceptical. Maybe before leaving hateful comments, you could consult a dictionary. I'd check the dumpster behind your house, or a similar trash receptacle.

Either way, whoever you are, you seem to have the idea that this blog is somehow anti-Canada, or a jingoistic pro-America website.

It isn't.

It's largely about the struggles that American fans have following the greatest sport in the world, in a country whose sports media looks at it as inferior.

So, if anything, it's critical of America, but only within the context of it's coverage of hockey. We also have been very critical of the NHL, so your attacks here are coming off not only incredibly angry, but misguided. The stuff about Iraq for instance, is confusing and out of line here.

In terms of your arguments that American hockey "will die," I hate to tell you, but we were there, dude, it was called the lockout, and the difference in how hockey is viewed between then and now is HUGE.

Hockey is back in America, and it's really fun to watch.

I'm sorry that makes you so angry.

Anonymous said...

You think the junior league is a Canadian league! Where 17 and 19 year olds are a league.

I saw your youtube video account. Your poking the camera in people's faces asking them "Are the sabres well behaved?" LOL!!!! even your fellow Americans think you're an annoying fuck.

Anonymous said...

Hockey is back in America? When did it leave? LOL!!!!!!

It's been there since the early 30's.

You're writing idiotic, stupid shit as if American hockey was always regressing or persecuted.

No, it's always been there, with good players.

The fact is though, you've always sucked to Canada.